Our current lab projects include:

The DAILI-SU Study: Daily Assessments of Interpersonal Life and Intake of Substance Use

The DAILI-SU Study examines the effects of cannabis use on impulse control and social functioning in young adults’ daily lives using ecological momentary assessment, examines differences in frequency of use as a moderator of the detrimental effects in daily life, and implements a novel statistical method to determine if individual differences in psychological and behavioral responses to cannabis use serve as risk markers for longer term changes in psychosocial functioning and impairment.

Are you already a participant in the study? Are you trying to reach us for your follow-up appointments? You can contact us at superlab@syr.edu


The SENSE Study: Sensory Experience and Nonsuicidal Self-Injury with EEG

In collaboration with Wenming Luh at Cornell University and Sien Hu at SUNY Oswego, the SENSE study explores neurocognitive mechanisms underlying suicidality in borderline personality disorder with brain imaging techniques (MRI and ERP/EEG).

Interested in being a participant? Download a flyer here.


The REC Study: Resistance Exercise in Cannabis Using Individuals

In collaboration with Dr. Gwendolyn Thomas in the Department of Exercise Science, the REC study examines effectiveness of acute exercise intervention for cannabis use disorder.


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