Pre-Conference Workshops

Pre-conference workshops will take place on Wednesday, June 19th, 2019.

9am- 12pm: “Essentials of Ecological Momentary Assessment: History, Usage, Design, Analysis, and Implementation.” Hosted by Louis Tay, PhD, Associate Professor of Industrial-Organizational Psychology at Purdue University, Founder and President of Expimetrics

This seminar is designed to help researchers and practitioners understand and utilize novel techniques to capture experiences and behaviors in real time on a regular basis to address interesting and important research and organizational questions.

9am-12pm: “MobileQ: A free, open-source, low-threshold platform for experience sampling research.”  Hosted by Peter Kuppens, Kristof Meers, Egon Dejonckheere, Marlies Houben, Nadja Bodner;  KU Leuven – University of Leuven, Belgium

Several platforms have become available over recent years that allow researchers to set up and perform studies using the Experience Sampling or Ecological Momentary Assessment method. Yet,
few of these combine free use with a low threshold to allow novice or expert researchers to easily start with the design, collection, and monitoring of experience sampling data.
In this workshop, we offer mobileQ as a free and easy-to-use platform to allow researchers to perform experience sampling or ecological momentary assessment studies and interventions in an
easy, intuitive, and accessible way. mobileQ is a free, open-source software and Android smartphone application developed by the Research Group of Quantitative Psychology and Individual Differences at KU Leuven. It involves an intuitive web-browser based user interface that enables a high degree of freedom in terms of the design of surveys, assessment scheduling, randomization, and study monitoring and an Android smartphone application for the administration of surveys. In this workshop, we provide a hands-on tutorial in the practical use of mobileQ, enabling
researchers to customize, design and, implement their own ESM/EMA study.

1pm-5pm: “Analyzing intensive longitudinal data with n=1 and multilevel autoregressive models.” Hosted by  Noémi Schuurman (Tilburg University), Laura Bringmann (University of Groningen), Oisín Ryan (Utrecht University) and Rebecca Kuiper (Utrecht University). 

This is a 4-hour workshop on how to study dynamics in intensive longitudinal data, such as ambulatory assessments (AA), experience sampling method (ESM) data, ecological momentary assessments (EMA), real time data capture, observational data, or electronic daily diaries. We provide a tour of diverse modeling approaches, such as multilevel autoregressive and network modelling. We will also discuss the philosophies behind these models and go through practical exercises with these modeling techniques using different software packages (R and/or Mplus).

For this workshop please bring a laptop with mplus v8, or R and JAGS installed.

If you have previously registered for the conference and wish to attend one of the pre-conference workshops you will be able to edit your registration using the link in your confirmation email.